For this piece, I relied pretty heavily on Joseph Gilland’s Elemental Magic: The Art of Special Effects Animation. I used it a ton for things like lava, acid, cauldron brew, and anything hot.


Part of making a mission special for Super Hero Squad Online was designing the look and feel of gimmicks. The level designers would come up with this great idea – something they wanted to inflict on the players or something they wanted players to interact with. This is an example of something we were coming […]

Ambiguous Powers

Working on special effects for super heroes is a lot of fun. Especially super heroes with such a rich history like those in the Marvel universe. If I was ever unsure about how to pull off a character, I had an amazing library of references – comic books, cartoons, movies, video games. The downside being […]

Blue Fire

A while back, I was asked to make some blue fire for Asgard. So, I animated a quick 12 frame loop of a little plume in Photoshop. Then I separated it out on one map to import into Unity. Once in Unity, I added more particles and gave it a ranged lifetime for some variation. […]