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    Got myself an iPad Air a while ago, and a stylus, and a really great drawing app called Procreate. Seriously fantastic app, worth every penny.

    I made this little piece of Assassin’s Creed x Legend of Zelda fanart with it.

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    Newer Old Work, Gif’d

    Turning some more old work into gifs. For a while I was really into making these caricatures using the lasso tool and animating them in Photoshop. I should start doing that again. It was super fun and I always enjoyed the result (even if it’s a little silly and sloppy):

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    Old Work, Gif’d

    There’s this thing I did for my portfolio on my main site where I make gifs of my flipbooks, and even some smaller effects work. It’s tough to show a portfolio when much of what I do needs to be seen in motion. When I showed someone my portfolio, they thought the gif idea was so super smart, and I wondered why I haven’t done it for more of my work! Here are three REALLY old pieces (ah, college days) that I’ve turned into looping gifs:


    Unreal Week One

    Been a while since I made a blog post and I can’t quite post the stuff I’ve been working on professionally, BUT! I have some works that I did almost a year ago when I started at FXVille. My art test was my first foray into the Unreal engine, so my boss trained me up a bit. Here are the results of that very first week:

    This was the re-do of the explosion from the art test.

    Lightning! Which I also gif’d:




    Aaaaand that’s all for now 😉