Orcs on Fire

One of the first clients I worked with at FXVille was Monolith. I started smack dab in the middle of development for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (actually, this was before the game even had a title!). My first task was to create an effect for catching orcs on fire. I started with duplicating the orc’s […]

Wege and the Silent Savior

I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons with my best friends for a couple of months now. Both of them have had birthdays, so I made them portraits of their characters. I’m pretty proud of how they turned out, so I thought I’d share them here! Wege is a tiefling sorcerer and ruined scholar. The Silent […]

Trading Card Game Pre-Viz & Mock Up

The summoning sickness post made me want to revisit some more old work from the online trading card game. Instead of breaking down each little piece into its own blog, I decided to make a pre-viz reel! Most of these were done without a game to even work on. It was my job to get […]


Here we go a-time-travelin again. Age of Empires Online has been shut down for a little while, but the work I did is still fresh in my mind, as clear as the day I made it – which would be (gosh) two and a half years ago, already. One of the effects I was asked […]

Summoning Sickness

Back at GPG, I got the opportunity to work on an online trading card game. I didn’t know (still don’t, really) very much about card games in general, so it was a unique challenge for me. It was a sort of combination of UI and VFX that made me appreciate UI Artists as if they […]

Little Flame

Been a while. I wonder how many of my blog entries begin this way. Here’s a thing I made not so long ago! A few hours, all in Photoshop CC.


Got myself an iPad Air a while ago, and a stylus, and a really great drawing app called Procreate. Seriously fantastic app, worth every penny. I made this little piece of Assassin’s Creed x Legend of Zelda fanart with it.

Newer Old Work, Gif’d

Turning some more old work into gifs. For a while I was really into making these caricatures using the lasso tool and animating them in Photoshop. I should start doing that again. It was super fun and I always enjoyed the result (even if it’s a little silly and sloppy):

Old Work, Gif’d

There’s this thing I did for my portfolio on my main site where I make gifs of my flipbooks, and even some smaller effects work. It’s tough to show a portfolio when much of what I do needs to be seen in motion. When I showed someone my portfolio, they thought the gif idea was […]