Hectic day today. Hectic and strangely quiet. It was a snow day. I got to work late, but nobody was there. So, I drew a picture of what was outside my window (with some liberties – I omitted the buildings and parking lot below) while Unity loaded and updated.

Selling Out

Since I’ve begun working at The Amazing Society, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on projects I’ve started or do any free work of any kind. But now that I’ve entered a ~groove~ of sorts, I can get back to such leisurely activities. I did a little drawing today, in fact! […]


PAX was this weekend, and I was inspired. While waiting in lines, I read the sixth volume of Marvel’s Runaways. And I got to play some really fun games that made me really want to delve in and produce more work for my portfolio. SO I thought I’d start with some pre production pieces inspired […]

Hello Shiny

I’ve been learning a lot about a different kind of process here at my internship. Turbosmooth and shiny and not all parts of the boat need to look like a boat. It’s a bit different than the pipeline I’m used to… the whole “What’s This For?” DigiPen process. The question still exists, but the answers […]


So, I was bored and realized I hadn’t posted here in a while, so I thought I’d whip something up really quick and talk about how busy I’ve been as an excuse as to why it’s terrible. But I actually kind of like these. Just some quick silhouettes/life drawing. What for? Just because, I suppose.