Praxis and Pet Peeves

Everyone has their own way of making things. Everyone’s got their own pet peeves and their own system and even their own superstitions. Building particle systems is no different. This list could be a million miles long and include things for Blueprints and Materials and naming conventions and content organization… could include other engines I’ve […]

2019 Showreel

  New year, new me. My last (public) showreel was made in 2015, and I’ve shipped a lot of games since then. The last three years have been a crazy whirlwind, and there’s lots that I haven’t shown as it hasn’t even been announced yet. I’m a firm believer that demo reels shouldn’t exceed 2 […]

Bodily Functions

Truly, the moment that made me feel like I’ve really hit a stride in being an experienced and accomplished Real-Time VFX Artist is when I created an exploding port-o-let for State of Decay 2. It was that moment that I realized I’d officially made all the base bodily functions. I’ve gathered the most memorable (or rather, the […]


A while ago, I got to work with Ember Entertainment on Meow Match. This was a truly unique experience – mostly I’m working in game engines like Unreal. All of the work done here was created in a 2D particle tool called TimelineFX by RigzSoft. How cool is that? Here are some of my favorite […]


Last year I got to work with Undead Labs on State of Decay 2. I was only on the project a short time on environment effects, impacts, and some muzzle flashes, but it was a lot of fun. By far the coolest thing I did was this little bug system blueprint. This Abzu GDC Session […]


In 2016 I had the privilege of working on Injustice 2 with NeatherRealm. My team at FXVille was tasked with Cinematics (and you can see our demo reel, if you’d like), but I wanted to make a little post about Atrocitus’s blood vomit. It was a lot of fun and very gross. It was mainly […]

Orcs on Fire

One of the first clients I worked with at FXVille was Monolith. I started smack dab in the middle of development for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (actually, this was before the game even had a title!). My first task was to create an effect for catching orcs on fire. I started with duplicating the orc’s […]