Lots of people believe that Walt Disney’s Snow White was the first feature-length animated film. Well it wasn’t. That  distinction belongs to Charlotte “Lotte” Reiniger’s The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926). It was technically a stop-motion film using beautiful, ornate silhouettes. So, I wanted to pay a little tribute to her: Dig the hair style, […]

Tumblr Challenge

vidigameaphobia asked: RUGRATS sapphirelegzilla asked: Draw yourself as Azula (Nate) asked: Angry Beavers. (Jeffery) asked: Pokemon thingsdarling asked: Lego! thingsdarling asked: Madeline! vandynerogers asked: Simpsons! redcloud16 asked: Science Court! Or whatever it was called fromplanetclaire asked: Doug! the-great-saiyagirl asked: Pixar Incredibles! Anonymous asked: Tim Burton: Nightmare Before Christmas Sketches Style! thingsdarling asked: Roald Dahl! *this is actually Quentin Blake Very special request from my […]


Part of making a mission special for Super Hero Squad Online was designing the look and feel of gimmicks. The level designers would come up with this great idea – something they wanted to inflict on the players or something they wanted players to interact with. This is an example of something we were coming […]

Ambiguous Powers

Working on special effects for super heroes is a lot of fun. Especially super heroes with such a rich history like those in the Marvel universe. If I was ever unsure about how to pull off a character, I had an amazing library of references – comic books, cartoons, movies, video games. The downside being […]

Space Fire

A little something-something I worked on a while back at Amazing Society. We were trying to come up with a fiery hazard that would damage the characters. It had to look like it belonged on this flat ground, and in space. So here are some concepts I whipped up: And here’s a little example of […]


Concept art! Marvel character inspired by Team Fortress 2 concept art. Done in my off time after a sort of inspiring conversation with the Amazing Society’s art guild about art styles. I attempted (retro) Ms. Marvel in the style of the Medic, which was horrible, and Ironman in the style of the Soldier, which was […]