Jane Juillet

A couple of years ago (holy cow, YEARS??) I made this:

It was based on one of my favorite works of art by Toulouse Lautrec:

I decided a while ago that I would do another homage based on the same piece, but a different month. This time, though, I did a bit more research and found out some way cool stuff. Jane Avril was a real person!

Taking this into account, I tried to mimic her real features more than Lautrec’s interpretation of her features. I was especially drawn to her deep set eyes and strong jawline.

And here’s the USA version (since we also celebrate our independence in July):

It’s mostly cool because my favorite Jane piece features a snake on her dress, and I got to incorporate that here as well. In the first piece, it’s a tattoo on her leg.

Note: The American flag had 44 stars in 1892, which is when Lautrec created a lot of these pieces.

Details, details.

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