• Summoning Sickness

    Back at GPG, I got the opportunity to work on an online trading card game. I didn’t know (still don’t, really) very much about card games in general, so it was a unique challenge for me. It was a sort of combination of UI and VFX that made me appreciate UI Artists as if they were some other worldly creature, capable of thinking in dimensions I’d never even seen before.

    One of the first things I worked on was Summoning Sickness. For those who are out of the loop like I was, summoning sickness is what prevents the card you just played from doling out attacks right away. It was explained to me in a bunch of different ways, but the one I remember the most is this explanation:

    It’s like you are a wizard, and you’ve summoned this big beast. He travels through a kind of magic portal and has to rest before he can start fighting.

    The first thing I had to think of was color. What does “sick” look like? You could think greens and yellows, but usually those are a kind of poison. I ended up going with grey-purple. More of a fatigue type of sickness, a foggy type of sickness, than nausea or phlegm (heh gross).

    I started simple. Just borders that look a little bit like they’re breathing. (Apologies for that awful Unity-blue. I’ve gotten into the habit of changing that immediately when I open Unity these days):


    From there, I branched off into different ideas. The “portal” idea stuck out to me, so I tried to recreate that in a couple of these. The border tracers represent a kind of timer – since summoning sickness is temporary. The lightning trails crossing each other was supposed to represent something “blocking” the card from working properly – like chains? Maybe? I dunno man. Iterations.


    This next set was really about silhouette and movement. Some similar ideas as the ones above, but pushing it as far as I could without completely covering up the important details in the card. I still have a particular fondness for the bottom middle. Stretched particles in Unity tend to give me a lot of guff but they worked out really well here (imo):



    What we ended up with was actually much more subtle than all these turned out to be. The client really didn’t want to obscure the card details. And since most card-playing people know what summoning sickness is, anyway, it wasn’t as important to them to highlight that state. So there you go! All that work for nothing (not really but). I feel you, UI folks. I feel you.

  • Little Flame

    Been a while. I wonder how many of my blog entries begin this way. Here’s a thing I made not so long ago! A few hours, all in Photoshop CC.

    flame03 flame04 flame05

  • Procreate

    Got myself an iPad Air a while ago, and a stylus, and a really great drawing app called Procreate. Seriously fantastic app, worth every penny.

    I made this little piece of Assassin’s Creed x Legend of Zelda fanart with it.

  • Newer Old Work, Gif’d

    Turning some more old work into gifs. For a while I was really into making these caricatures using the lasso tool and animating them in Photoshop. I should start doing that again. It was super fun and I always enjoyed the result (even if it’s a little silly and sloppy):

  • Old Work, Gif’d

    There’s this thing I did for my portfolio on my main site where I make gifs of my flipbooks, and even some smaller effects work. It’s tough to show a portfolio when much of what I do needs to be seen in motion. When I showed someone my portfolio, they thought the gif idea was so super smart, and I wondered why I haven’t done it for more of my work! Here are three REALLY old pieces (ah, college days) that I’ve turned into looping gifs:

  • Unreal Week One

    Been a while since I made a blog post and I can’t quite post the stuff I’ve been working on professionally, BUT! I have some works that I did almost a year ago when I started at FXVille. My art test was my first foray into the Unreal engine, so my boss trained me up a bit. Here are the results of that very first week:

    This was the re-do of the explosion from the art test.

    Lightning! Which I also gif’d:




    Aaaaand that’s all for now ­čśë

  • Analog

    Been a little while! I’ve actually done quite a bit of random art lately. I worked on a couple of actual paintings for my Dad and my grandparents in the last couple of months:

    Mad apologies for the quality of these pics. They’re candid~


    OHMAN forgot this puppy. Made this a loooong time ago, but Nate objected to me getting rid of it, so we framed it:

  • Tribute

    Lots of people believe that Walt Disney’s Snow White was the first feature-length animated film. Well it wasn’t. That ┬ádistinction belongs to Charlotte “Lotte” Reiniger’s The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926). It was technically a stop-motion film using beautiful, ornate silhouettes. So, I wanted to pay a little tribute to her:

    Dig the hair style, Lotte. Fresh, fly, fierce.

    Just look at those delicate digits. I can’t even draw hands that nice, let alone cut them out of black matte paper.

    Cultural appropriation was all the rage for pre WW2 left-wing film makers. Sew exotique. Still, an amazing work of artistry and skill.

    Here’s my tribute!

    That weird geometric contraption next to her is a bastardized multiplane camera. And a ladder.

    I may take these assets into after effects later and do a lil animation with them. Breathe some life into this homage. Or I won’t. We shall see.

  • Unreal Part 3 (conclusion)

    So here it is! The final piece –

    There’s a lot that I added and changed for this last draft. I added some asymmetry with the big plume of smoke, I added big mesh chunks of barrel that break apart (it happens really quickly, sorry if you missed it!), I added an additional fire element to increase the asymmetry even more, Adjusted most of the textures to be a little more detailed and hi-res, and decreased the amount of ash.


    For funsies, I decided to change all of the textures so it’s a cartoon! Because I’m a big dweeb.

  • It’s Wild

    Here’s some of the freshest work I did at Gas Powered Games (just last week). I can show this because it’s already live on the internet! Now that’s a quick turn-around!



    I looped it a couple of times for your convenience.