Toulouse Lautrec

I was hanging out at DigiPen today, getting a little stifled by the project I was working on. So! I decided to do a little drawing in the style of Toulouse Lautrec. Specifically, a recreation of this piece:

Here she is!

I have a ton of iterations. And I could tweak this a bit more, but I am happy with it as is for now.


Hectic day today. Hectic and strangely quiet. It was a snow day. I got to work late, but nobody was there. So, I drew a picture of what was outside my window (with some liberties – I omitted the buildings and parking lot below) while Unity loaded and updated.

Selling Out

Since I’ve begun working at The Amazing Society, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on projects I’ve started or do any free work of any kind. But now that I’ve entered a ~groove~ of sorts, I can get back to such leisurely activities.

I did a little drawing today, in fact!

I did a bunch of these a while back, and a good friend suggested I sell them.

I dunno about all that. She’s the Etsy master and I’m just a doodler. But what do you think? Think you can picture a few of these hanging up in your house?


PAX was this weekend, and I was inspired. While waiting in lines, I read the sixth volume of Marvel’s Runaways. And I got to play some really fun games that made me really want to delve in and produce more work for my portfolio. SO I thought I’d start with some pre production pieces inspired by some of my favorite Runaways Characters.

First there’s Karolina Dean, aka Lucy in the Sky.

I’ve been staring at these images all weekend, so I thought I’d put them in at the top to show the reference I used. I broke down her color palette. Very soft pastel colors, with yellow being centric to the whole pattern. Then, I looked at her actual attacks and broke them into silhouettes. It’s a bit like fire, water, and hair all mixed together. It knocks people down, grabs hold of them, acts as a shield. I’m not really sure what it would feel like if I touched it… but I have a feeling it depends on her mood/motivations. So, the silouettes described are: swirly, stretchy, and sparkly, haha. The attack breakdowns describe how it would look compared to her character… how it stretches across and next to that would be a “sample” frame of the animation I’ll be doing.

Next up is Nico Minoru, aka Sister Grimm.

Oddly enough, I felt like the centric color in her palette (at least in her ~energy~ because I mainly focused on her big spreads and the panels where she was actually attacking something) was also yellow – but a more dark and dull yellow. I added variations, simply because her palette is fairly limited. Not many cool colors to speak of. A lot of the blue I found was actually the opposite of the rest of her general tone. So, I included a light, more saturated blue. The silhouettes describe the type of attack she deals. Karolina is an alien, but Nico is actually a witch – and her character has a gothic style. So, there’s lots of fire – which is what the outer silhouettes describe. The middle silhouette actually describes lighting… which is often randomly interacting with her, her staff, and the environment as she attacks things.

The sample frame is her staff being enveloped by fire, lighting… and the attack itself is a frog. Simply because she has a wide variety of spells that she uses, so I thought I’d take a classic and fun approach to her attack.

2D Animations soon!! Time to bust out some CS5 and get to work!

Hello Shiny

I’ve been learning a lot about a different kind of process here at my internship. Turbosmooth and shiny and not all parts of the boat need to look like a boat. It’s a bit different than the pipeline I’m used to… the whole “What’s This For?” DigiPen process. The question still exists, but the answers are a lot more vague and malleable.

I’m starting to feel like I’m more of a work horse than I am a creative force to be reckoned with. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Maybe I just need to learn more about my own personal aesthetic and just make shit for the sake of cool-looking. Serving no particular purpose. So! With that in mind; Here’s something shiny!

I made this in my free time at DK – though I haven’t had a whole lot of it. I’ve been working on a project that I actually signed an NDA for! How exciting!


So, I was bored and realized I hadn’t posted here in a while, so I thought I’d whip something up really quick and talk about how busy I’ve been as an excuse as to why it’s terrible. But I actually kind of like these.

Just some quick silhouettes/life drawing. What for? Just because, I suppose.

Ani 400 Beginning

I’m in a class called Animation 400, where I get to do whatever I want, so long as it’s animated. It’s pretty neat. I’ve decided to do something very simple and fun to pass the time and put in my demo reel when it’s all over. I’ve decided to recreate the evolution of earth in Max particles.

I made this last week:

Those are teapots, by the way.

Currently, I’m working on bacteria splitting apart from each other. Nothing fancy. Just cool to look at.