Trading Card Game Pre-Viz & Mock Up

The summoning sickness post made me want to revisit some more old work from the online trading card game. Instead of breaking down each little piece into its own blog, I decided to make a pre-viz reel! Most of these were done without a game to even work on. It was my job to get thrifty and fake battle scenarios, animations, even systems. Every effect you see here was a work in progress, sent through email, FTP, etc. to the decision-making people who would say “keep exploring” or “try something else.” Hence the bizarre aspect ratios (sorry).

It’s neat to look back at this stuff. I always forget just how much iteration happens during the course of a project.

Just like summoning sickness, it was a mixture of UI/UX (user interface / user experience) and VFX (visual effects). Particularly challenging for someone like me who isn’t much of a UI person to begin with.


(Someday I’ll post more current work, I promise. I’ve grown a LOT since the work in this reel is completed. And I’m excited to share!)