Tumblr Challenge

vidigameaphobia asked: RUGRATS

sapphirelegzilla asked: Draw yourself as Azula

(Nate) asked: Angry Beavers.

(Jeffery) asked: Pokemon

thingsdarling asked: Lego!

thingsdarling asked: Madeline!

vandynerogers asked: Simpsons!

redcloud16 asked: Science Court! Or whatever it was called

fromplanetclaire asked: Doug!

the-great-saiyagirl asked: Pixar Incredibles!

Anonymous asked: Tim Burton: Nightmare Before Christmas Sketches Style!

thingsdarling asked: Roald Dahl!

*this is actually Quentin Blake

Very special request from my dad via text message: “Don’t have tumbler but I wanna see Go Go Gadget Sarah”

Here ya go, Dad!

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