Bodily Functions

Truly, the moment that made me feel like I’ve really hit a stride in being an experienced and accomplished Real-Time VFX Artist is when I created an exploding port-o-let for State of Decay 2. It was that moment that I realized I’d officially made all the base bodily functions. I’ve gathered the most memorable (or rather, the ones I had laying around in my archives folders haha) and put them all together in a single reel. I hope you enjoy!





VFX breakdown:

00:02 Blood from State of Decay
00:03 Tears from Spyro Reignited (I also made tears in Super Hero Squad Online)
00:05 Vomit from Injustice 2 (Blood vomit, but it counts)
00:07 Cat Vomit from Injustice 2
00:10 Blood Spittle from Shadow of Mordor (I’ve also done regular saliva!)
00:13 Farts in Super Hero Squad Online
00:19 Pee from Super Hero Squad Online (this was cut lol)
00:24 Poop from State of Decay 2 (you can drive your car into a port-o-let)

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