Rocket Arena Announced!

Back in 2017, I got to work with Final Strike on their unannounced 3v3 title, Rocket Arena. It was really exciting to work on such a vibrant and fun game with lots of explosions and flare. I was actually inspired a lot by this GDC talk by Jeremy Mitchell (Formerly Double Fine), Shen-Ming Spurgeon (Formerly Motiga), Bryanna Lindsey (Formerly Volition), and rtvfx badass Bill Kladis (Epic). Specifically, Shen-Ming Spurgeon’s work on Gigantic.

This industry is tiny and cyclical. You never know who you’re going to be passing your work off to as we hop around from studio to studio, project to project. It’s pretty nutty that Shen’s work was immensely and immediately applicable to this new client of mine, whom I worked with for almost a year before they found someone to work in-house… and that person was Shen himself! I only hope I didn’t pass off a total mess!

Best of luck, Shen and the rest of the team at Final Strike Games!! It’s looking real beautiful. Check out the reveal trailer:

And here’s some of my work featured in the trailer!


**Note: These two have been modified from the last time I saw these… most likely by Shen Spurgeon.

Edit: One more thing to mention. When I started working with Final Strike, I had inherited some work that Jeremy Griffith had done for them during their pre-production phase. Fantastic VFX artist whom FXVille has worked with at Irrational, who now works at Riot Games. I just watched one of his GDC talks from earlier this year and it was amazing! I still have to check out the other one which sounds very cool and very weird.

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