In 2016 I had the privilege of working on Injustice 2 with NeatherRealm. My team at FXVille was tasked with Cinematics (and you can see our demo reel, if you’d like), but I wanted to make a little post about Atrocitus’s blood vomit. It was a lot of fun and very gross.

It was mainly a mesh-based particle solution. Here’s the breakdown:

Three splines in 3ds Max with a moderate amount of thickness, edit poly to get rid of the caps, turbosmooth for extra geo, and a noise modifier ontop to crunch it up a bit. There’s a handy little button for automatically generating UVs on a spline which is fantastic. The idea is to pan some liquidy normals and such downward to add to the velocity of the projectile vomit.

The next part was the material generation. NetherRealm has NO SHORTAGE of blood materials, so I leveraged what was around me to make a shiny, masked, bumpy shader that had panning and a clip-out function. I hand-painted the liquidy/stringy texture in photoshop.

Then it was just about animating the particles, which was super quick.

Plus, more particles, timing it to the animated characters, adding more odds and ends and bits and whatnot. Finished result:

Here it is all in one video.

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